Food Allergy Clinic

The Devora Center conducts a special clinic for patients of any age with FOOD ALLERGIES. Our food allergy clinic also see patients of any age with ANAPHYLAXIS, CELIAC DISEASE, EOSINOPHILIC ESOPHAGITIS, and ATOPIC DERMATITIS. The clinic is staffed with a registered dietitian for guidance with special dietary needs.

During your consult visit, you will meet with Dr. Devora for a comprehensive history and physical exam. Food allergy testing might be recommended if indicated. Our registered dietitian will then provide you with information about about avoiding the allergic foods. Equally important, she will provide you with information about what foods are safe to eat while maintaining adequate nutritional intake.

A Registered Dietitian on Staff

Having a registered dietitian on staff allows us to work as a team to help patients meet nutritional requirements while on a restricted diet prescription. When necessary, our dietitian will conduct a complete nutrition assessment and put together a plan that will all nutritional needs and ensure proper growth for children.  You will leave with scientific but practical nutrition education specific for you or your child.  These recommendations will meet your particular preferences and lifestyle.  You will also be guided as to brands and products of foods that will replace allergenic ones currently in the diet.  It is a systematic approach that will make transitioning to the new diet very achievable.  Ongoing communication with your dietitian will be available as needed, as she understands the apprehension of making major changes in the way you or your child eats every day.

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maria-carrillo-rdnRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist

Maria-Paula Carrillo completed a Master Degree in Nutrition at Texas Woman’s University. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she has been working with families from the start. She has been helping patients achieve their nutritional needs since 2003.  Maria-Paula’s broad experience includes but is not limited to digestive disorders, food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, eosinophilic disorders, wellness and special dietary needs.  She understands that making dietary changes can be challenging and works with her patients to provide practical tools for success.  

In her spare time, Maria-Paula loves to be active and participate in many running and athletic competitions.  She is a busy mom to her daughters Victoria and Sophia who are the inspiration for everything her and her husband Chris do. For more information:

AngelaLemond_2015Angela Lemond, RDN, CSP, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Lemond Nutrition is a pediatric and family private practice with a subspecialty in immunologic and food allergic disorders.  Lead owner and specialist Angela Lemond, all practitioners are registered and licensed dietitians.  They have the vital education needed to serve you, but patients and families describe that their most valued specialty is families.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes in length, which are designed to customize a nutrition plan for the patient and provide a starter-shopping list based on current patient eating patterns within the guidelines of their therapeutic diet prescription. Ongoing support provided for families to ensure their nutrition treatment is easy to follow and lived out in their everyday life.  More information: